Post Festive Season's Swab Antigen Test

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After Eid Mubarak 1442 H, all human resources at PT Handal Indonesia Motor carried out an antigen swab examination. The activity was carried out as an anticipatory step in breaking the chain of transmission of the Covid-19 virus, especially after the implementation of the 2021 Lebaran holiday.

This is part of PT Handal Indonesia Motor to participate in helping the Government to reduce the impact of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This follow-up was carried out on Tuesday 18 May 2021, attended by all employees including all leaders of PT Handal Indonesia Motor.

This antigen swab examination was carried out in two locations, namely Bekasi (factory, non-factory, PDC and After Sales) and Simprug (Head Office). With the implementation time starting at 06.30 until 08.30 WIB.

Before entering the work environment, all employees are required to carry out an inspection at a predetermined place. Not allowed to enter the work environment, if you have not carried out an antigen swab examination with a negative result.

If the results are confirmed positive, the employee's next step is to contact the local Covid-19 Referral Health Center / Hospital. Families with one house and employees are required to take the Covid-19 test as recommended by the Covid-19 Referral Health Center / Hospital. After the employee is declared healthy, HRD will provide additional rest time for a maximum of 7 calener days for health recovery. And when entering the first day of work, the employee is required to bring a health certificate from the Covid-19 Referral Health Center / Hospital that cares for him.

Detecting Covid-19 through an antigen swab examination aims not only to find out whether employees are infected with the Corona virus or not, but also a priority in creating a healthy work environment. Healthy human resources will make quality and value more secure.

PT Handal Indonesia Motor is committed to delivering the best products and services by being determined to implement and comply with all activities based on "Environmental Protection and Conservation, Health & Safety".

Top management and all employees are responsible for implementing the "Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Human Resources Management System" with a continuous improvement policy while working as "One Committed Team" guided by "Common Goals, Values and Behaviors".